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No matter the brand or recipe, the flavor of orange bitters comes primarily from the dried zest of bitter-orange peels.

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This Peach Orange Marmalade recipe cuts down on the bitter flavor some.

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A type of orange that does not have the sweet taste of many other oranges but instead provides a bitter flavor due to the higher acidic content.If you do end up accidentally zesting the pith, stop and pick the white parts out of the zest.A recipe for carrots roasted with orange wedges and chili powder, which makes a perfect winter side dish.

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I followed this recipe very closely and ended up with some beautiful translucent orange bitters.Lorenzo Cogo pairs orange with bitter radicchio in his sophisticated duck breast recipe, while Igles Corelli uses a combination of crispy vegetables, balsamic vinegar and candied orange peel to offset his pigeon breast salad.

Think of this as a refined Italian alternative to a Screwdriver.

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Orange bitters is a form of bitters, a cocktail flavoring made from the peels of Seville oranges, cardamom, caraway seed, coriander and burnt sugar in an alcohol base.It is a traditional european apertif made using an orange, coffee beans, sugar, and grain alcohol (vodka can also be used in a pinch).An Aperol Spritz is a refreshing low calorie sparkling Italian cocktail perfect for any occasion.

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Bitter orange, in fact, is considered a decorative tree in cities like Antalya, and the fruit is not really used by the locals.

If you are one of those people who think marmalade has a bitter flavor you have never tasted a good batch of marmalade.It could also be called a Whole Orange Cake, because the entire orange is used.In the olden days, sailors ate marmalade to prevent seasickness and other illness.However, when it came time to dilute I did a trial and found that as soon as water touched the bitters they turned opaque (like orange juice.).Bring to a boil, stirring gently and skimming any foam from the surface.

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Add the orange and lemon juices, chile powder, paprika, salt and cumin and blend well.

Pour marinade over tofu and marinate up to 24 hours (I find the longer you marinate tofu the better).

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