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I received an was in joy, however, i was just curious if there was a receipt that supposed to come with it.

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Displays vary with the different models, be it flasher or LCD fish finders.

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Although some fishfinders may use a single frequency, most fish finders can operate at two frequencies (or more) giving you the option of choosing the frequency and coverage of your sonar.Humminbird ICE-45 a flasher is a portable sonar unit which is used to see the bottom, jig or the fish that enters the sonar beam.A fish finder is a sonar instrument that is designed for the specific purpose of detecting fish underwater.The only real difference is how they display the return signal.

And, Deeper Fishfinder is now available to ship all across Canada.TrueColor is the latest from MarCum Technologies improving color separation and resulting in an ultra crisp and highly visible display (even in bright sunlight).In this video Andy TheCameraMan heads to RadioWorld in Toronto Canada to find out exactly how to read a Flasher-Type Fish Finder - typically used for ice fishing.Manufactured in the USA, this sonar unit boasts 2,000 watts of.The Striker Plus 7cv introduces built-in GPS, Quickdraw Contours mapping, and wireless connectivity.

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For a better idea of ice fishing, you can use the flasher mode where the screen will change from a regular fish finder SONAR returns screen to a flasher screen for a more traditional ice fishing experience.

Dual Beam Sonar: Choose from a narrow and a wide beam for great detail or a generous coverage area, helping you identify fish, structure and your lure. 3-Color Fiber Optic Flasher Display: Indicates bottom, fish and your lure in real-time with a bright and highly visible display.It can tell you whether it is solid or muddy, or your jig weighted bait or the depth of the fish.

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I have already email total sport llc if i can get a email of it.Its sonar engine is driven by 4800-watts PtP with a switchable Dual Beam (8 degree and 20 degree) transducer.Flashers show just one instance of time while a LCD finder shows multiple instance over time (running graph).

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See complete description Notify me before the end of the auction.Watching this unfold in real time helps customize a jigging presentation to coax a fish to bite.

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The centerpiece of the LX-9’s underwater viewing system is a Sony Super HAD II CCD camera.

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A light guide mounted on the rotatable element has an inlet end aligned with the light source and an outlet end aligned with the display.Flasher The Flasher shows a digital flasher sonar view below your transducer.