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Attend some local beekeeping association meetings to get info on resources and beekeepers willing to mentor newbies.

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City of Vancouver February 2006 Hobby Beekeeping Page 2 For further clarification on the guidelines or queries about beekeeping in Vancouver, please.Power Point Presentation covering the first year of Hobby Beekeeping.We all know that one of the downsides to beekeeping is the risk of getting stung.

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But with some simple equipment, a bit of common sense and a plan to treat bee stings, beekeeping can be a safe and enjoyable hobby.

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Kelley Beekeeping provides beekeeping supplies and equipment by mail order and e-commerce.

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I just put a box out for a swarm of bees and soon realized they would not all fit in one, so added a medium as well.

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Learn what is involved in keeping your own hive of bees during this informative session.Hobby Kit No. 1 contains everything necessary for the beginner to start that first colony of bees except the bees themselves.Beekeeping in the 21st century is different then it was 30 years ago.Beekeeping is a fun, enjoyable and, some would say, addictive hobby.These beekeepers may also provide extra bees to beekeepers (honey producers, pollinators, or hobby beekeepers) who want to start new operations or expand their farms.

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They are kept for their honey and other products or their services as pollinators of fruit and vegetable blossoms or as a hobby.

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Welcome to Halo Honey, a hobby beekeeping farm nestled in the foothills outside Calgary.

Many people also pursue this hobby, to produce honey to give it as gift.

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