How do you shampoo your hair

Your hair will be deliciously wavy from the braid, and you will not loose much from breakage.

To wash your hair properly, you must use a mild shampoo, but the most important step is hydration.Place your head in the sink and wet your hair with the faucet.

Depending on the type of scalp and hair you have, over-washing or under-washing your hair can lead to problems like dryness, dandruff or a greasy scalp and hair.

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You need more shampoo at the roots, because that is where the majority of your oil is.

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If mixing up a home concoction every week to reset your hair sounds like too much work, several brands create shampoos with the necessary level of surfactants to dissolve build-up without all the extra steps.

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Or, you may want to consider lightening your hair a little more with a bleach and tone.

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Eat for your best hair health by including lots of healthy fats, drinking plenty of water, and using natural hair care products, including coconut oil for hair, instead of dangerous chemical laden shampoos, conditioners or styling agents.If you have forgotten your dry shampoo, then there are alternatives.

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Experiment with co-washing over time, you may find that the oiliness subsides.

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Of course, what happens when you go sans shampoo is totally dependent on your hair type.Basically, you can have fine hair that is thick or have coarse hair that is thin and any number of combinations in-between.

Your best shampoo for dandruff is also dictated by the kind of hair you ace.Depending on your scalp, you may find that co-washing makes your hair appear oily the first few times you do it.The best way to do this is to only use the baking soda on the roots, and the vinegar on the tips and lengths of your hair, and to rinse your hair well between each part.